John (right) and his friend Ben Cook, former Executive Director of Kentucky Housing Corporation

It’s the individuals who work behind the scenes who often make the biggest  difference in this world, and my friend John Reed was that kind of person. For years John served on the United Way and the Men’s Shelter boards advocating for those less fortunate.
When we started talking about a women’s shelter, John was one of the first people to call me to offer his advice and services.
With his continued guidance and close ties to the Executive Director of the Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) Ben Cook, John played a quiet but important role in our securing the building at 303 E Third Street.
He assisted us in moving the process along so that in December of 2007 we were able to seal the deal with the Frankfort Housing Authority, KHC and the shelter board.
John envisioned the women’s shelter as a piece of the puzzle that provides a safety net for another element of homeless people in our community.
John passed away last spring after a struggle with heart disease. Next spring we will be dedicating a garden in the front of the shelter in honor of our friend John Reed.
By Jill Robinson, Past President

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