Volunteer Hall of Fame

Here’s to all volunteers, those dedicated people who believe in all work and no pay.     (Robert Orben)

FCWS has officially launched a Volunteer of the Month Program. Each month, we will spotlight one of our dedicated volunteers. Drumroll please… our Volunteer of the Month is Frances Greene. Thank you, Frances, for your long hours, kind spirit, and generous heart.

Volunteer of the Month: Frances Greene

Frances is a original Frankfortian, born and raised here.  She is married with one great son, and retired young from state government when her son was in the second grade.  She was able to “hang” with him for several years before he left for UK, where he is a sophomore.  Now that her son has left the nest, she has time to give back to her community.

Frances loves to volunteer at the Women’s Shelter, and usually brings pizza for the residents so they can enjoy some time together. She feels that all the women are beautiful inside and out, and have just fallen on hard times; the Shelter gives them that “hand up” to get them back on their feet. She encourages all her friends to spend some time at the shelter – it really has made her appreciate all she has in her life.


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